Jun 24


Do I need a will?
If you want the following issues handled, then do prepare a will:
1. You want to disinherit an heir.
2. You want to provide for friends/charities/
spouse/children/family members.
3. You want to revoke prior wills.
4. You want an unequal distribution among your beneficiaries.
5. You are leaving money to minor or disabled beneficiaries
6. You wish to nominate a guardian for minor or disabled individuals.
7. You want to name a Personal Representative(s) to manage notifying heirs and creditors, paying taxes, creditors and administrative expenses, and distribution to beneficiaries.
8. You have a spouse and children from a prior marriage and want to be clear who gets what of your assets.
9. Your wishes regarding final arrangements
10. You want to provide for your pet

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